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Hello! I'm Cristine!

A little about me...
I am a Native New Yorker from Long Island originally. Prior to real estate I worked in the electronic components industry for many years, started in sales & progressed into purchasing/buying. This experience helped fine tune my negotiating skills. In 2001 the market crashed following the 9-11 tragedy.


In 2003 I regrouped & found my place in real estate starting as a part time agent in the New York market. When I transitioned to the Florida real estate market in 2012, I began working with numerous real estate investors and built a successful portfolio of investor clients, as well as developed and perfected the property management aspect of my business offerings.

I knew early on that Property Management would become my lifelong career. I have worked hard & trained even harder to develop into an experienced, knowledgeable, full time Broker and Property Manager.  Becoming a Broker/Owner in 2015 allowed me to pursue my ultimate goal of working with buyers and sellers equally & effectively as well as expand the property management side of my business portfolio… all while providing my personalized
touch to every client that we work with.  


In 2021 I was chosen to Chair the Property Management Committee at our local Board and have been asked to stay on as Chair for the 2022 year as well.  I was then awarded the Rising Star Award in 2021. This has been one of the greatest honors of my career so far.  With so many choices out there to work with, it is always the greatest compliment when a customer or client chooses me to work with! Along with my business partners and team members… I pride myself on building a team that is the same, but different.

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